North America

The most stunning and beautiful places in the world

USA – East Coast

Code: 0076
New York, Buffalo, Washington DC, Orlando, Miami, Houston

Bright lights of the Broadway and a walk down the Wall Street, all you see around in this concrete jungle made of dreams are suits, shine and sparkle, welcome to New York. Feel the breath-taking view from atop the Niagra Falls, ice meling into water flowing through land between 2 Countries. Enter the world of imagination in Orlando. Enjoy the buzzing night life of Miami. Explore all that the East coast has to offer.

USA - West Coast

Code: 0077
Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, New Mexico, San Francisco

Shimmer to all that jazz Hollywood in the dreamy city of Los Angeles. Casinos, parties and the glittering streets is the ever so lively sin city of Las Vegas. Visit the notorious Alcatraz prison and the iconic golden gate bridge in San Francisco. Surrounded by the buoyant waters of the Great Salt Lake are snow clad peaks of the Wasatch Range, is the high-elevation City of Salt Lake. Enjoy some open air operas and beautiful paintings in this diversely encompassed city of New Mexico.

USA, Mexico

Code: 0078
New York, Buffalo, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Cancun, Mexico City

Run along the fast paced, culturally diverse city of New York also known as The Big Apple. Land and ice merging into one another is the stunning Victoria Falls. Imagine a new world like a child in Orlando and dance all night by the beach in Miami. Live like a star in Los Angeles and gamble away the night, raking in the big mullahs in the sinful city of Las Vegas. Witness the histories of the Mayan culture and rage all night by the beaches and blue waters of Cancun and Cabo.